Please take a look at our most frequently asked questions below.

Where are you located?

We located on the 1st dock at  H&M Landing – walk down the ramp. Right infront of Point Loma Seafoods Restaurant

Our address is 2803 Emerson St San Diego CA 92106 – type it in Google Map

Where do I park?

Please arrive 15-20 minutes prior to your reservation to ensure you have enough time to find parking. Parking can be tight because we located in busy touristic location, so please plan accordingly.



What is Eco Pedal Boat capacity?

Eco Pedal Boat in San Diego Bay maximum capacity is up to 3 adults and 1 kid (max 600lb).

2 adults+2 kids = perfect combination for 1 pedal boat

2 adults+ 2 kids + 1 small dog = perfect combination for 1 pedal boat

2 adults + 2 small/medium dogs = perfect combination for 1 pedal boat

3 adults + 1 small/medium dog = perfect combination for 1 pedal boat

If you have 4 adults we highly recommend to rent 2 boats for your safety and comfort!

What time should I show up for my reservation?

Please, arrive 15-20 minutes before your reservation to find parking and walk to our location. 

Is reservation required? Do you accept walk-ins?

No, reservation isn’t required but it defenetly speed up the check in process. Yes, we accept walk-ins every day

Is it easy to operate and pedal?

Yes it is! It’s like riding a bike on a flat road.

Can I fully operate Eco Pedal Boat with only 1 person cycling?

Yes, you can easily operate and pedal.

How old should I be to rent a pedal boat?

At least 1 person must be 16 years or older.

Is there a minimum age requirement? Are infants allowed? Do you provide life jackets for kids?

 No minimum age. We recommend to bring a car seat or carrier for infants. We provide different size kid’s life jackets.

Are dogs allowed? Do you provide life jackets for them?

Yes, we are Dog Friendly! Bring a towel or blanket to make your dog feels more comfy. 

Are snacks and drinks allowed?

Yes, you are welcome to bring snack, lunch and drinks. Even though our crew cleans the boats, please just be mindful of others when eating, other people will be using this boat after you.

Can I drink alcohol?

No, alcohol drinks not allowed on a pedal boat.

Is it possible to fish from pedal boat?

Eco Boats not designed for fishing but you can try to fish from them. *California fishing license required. *No live bait!

Can we swim?

No swimming allowed during pedal boat rentals.


Is it common to get seasick on a pedal boat?

This depends on the individual. Come prepared, If you know you get sea sick easily (for example, you have a tough time sitting in the back seat of a car), then bring something to coat your stomach or sea sickness medication.  It is rare that anyone gets sea sick as you will be pedaling in the Harbors and San Diego Bay.

What is your cancellation policy?

Requests for rescheduling of ticketed reservations may be made up to 24 hours before the rentals and will be contingent on availability.
Purchased tickets are non-refundable within 24 hours of the scheduled rentals.
If you need to cancel, we require 24 hours notice so we have an opportunity to resell your time slot. Otherwise, tickets are non-refundable.