I discovered kayak fishing in La Jolla, San Diego around 5 years ago and since then I love it.
It all started when I got tired of getting on the sport boats.  I wanted to keep on fishing but on my own and without the need of an expensive gas thirsty boat. Hobie Kayak fishing was the solution. You can go fishing on your own or with friends, each one on your own space and enjoy a nice and peaceful day.
Another great thing about kayak fishing is that you also get a workout. It is great because you don’t really feel an intense workout but by the time you notice it’s been hours, when you’re having fun time flies and the calories get burned!
One of the only downsides of kayak fishing is the burden of having to prepare and get ready for it and that involves having to get the kayak on your truck or on top of your car, unload, get on the water and then do it all over again once you’re done and tired and you also have to wash it and store it afterward.
Well, now it’s easy to skip all the hassle and get right into the action. Russ came up with a great idea about renting fishing kayaks by the hour for a great price, “Eco Boat Rentals”. It is now a reality, you can go kayak fishing and get on the water at one of the best spots for saltwater fishing in San Diego, the kayaks are right at Fisherman’s Landing in San Diego Bay, you can go fishing for as long as you want and then just go back home, no need to carry the kayak, no need to wash it, no need to have a place to store. You can bring your own fishing gear or rent it right there at H&M landing which is right in front of Eco Boat Rentals. And forgot to say, their kayaks are great, they are Hobie kayaks, which you know, they’re the best!
The great thing about kayak fishing San Diego Bay is that you have great fishing all year long, you have anything from mackerel, bass, halibut, sculpin, to more seasonal bonitos & barracudas. You can also find very nice shortfin corvinas on shallow waters and the occasional leopard shark among other species.


Go give it a try, the best thing is you don’t need previous experience, Russ is a great guy and will get you on the water in no time. Have fun fishing, get a nice workout a great day out on the water, and forget about the inconveniences and cost of owning one.