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 Our story began in 2015 when Harbor Sailing Experience was founded by  Capt. Russ, an owner-operator. While sailing San Diego Bay, we became aware of how much plastic is floating in our ocean. We wanted to make a positive impact and help to keep San Diego Bay plastic-free. So we decided to get a couple of kayaks to stay in shape and help clean up the bay.

 We found what trash-hunting is an enjoyable and fun experience. Now we wanna share this filling with you and give you a chance to make your positive impact. We hope our approach will inspire others to help clean up the Bay and Beyond. Book with Eco Boat Rentals so you can also Play with Purpose.


our mission

 Our mission is to collect as much plastic from the bay as we can while having great experiences in our beautiful San Diego Bay. We strive to share a safe and healthy outing and invite you and your loved ones to be part of this movement.
 What is good for the planet is good for you too. Let’s make this bay clean again- one plastic bag at the time!

Since 2015

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About Capt. Russ

 Born in Moldova and migrated to the U.S in 2014 I was dreaming about sailing for years and after completing 2 years of commercial fishing in Alaska finally I earned enough sea time experience and get me a Captain License of United States. Our first sailboat “Colibri” we sailed from San Francisco in 6 days and started sailing tours in San Diego. My previous experience of Tour guides in Thailand and Turkey where I mastered my skills for 6 years, helped to find the best places to visit in San Diego and organize them in 2 hours sailing experience in the Big Bay.

 With our customer support and 100% positive feedback I was able to scale and update our Sail Boat Experience. In 2019 we updated our sailboat with “Green Flash” a 34′ Hunter, clean vessel with all you need for comfortable and enjoyable sailing in San Diego. In yearly 2020 we also added Fishing Kayaks and Pedal Boat Rentals. Now we have a young team of licensed captains and fun hosts ready to share with you the best experience ever – Water Sports Experience..

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